Re-Evolution 1.0

Re-Evolution 1.0
ROM basada en JB 4.2.2

sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Anunciado nuevo firmware ¿2.0?

Onda ha anunciado oficialmente un nuevo firmware basado en el SDK 2.0 que Allwinner ha puesto ha disposición de los fabricantes de tablets con chipset A31.
Los cambios son brutales, si los ingenieros de Onda son capaces de implementar todos los cambios podemos tener el tablet definitivo:

 Operating experience fully optimized:
  1, optimize boot speed, boot more quickly;
  2, to optimize the speed of screen rotation, a more comfortable grip;
  3, optimized JPEG decoding speed faster, browse pictures;
  4, optimize application to enter and exit speed, experience upgrade;
  5, lower system sleep power consumption, to further save energy; to
  6 fully optimized for Retina screen, up to 60 frames / sec fluency;
  Second, add more useful features:
  1, taking pictures and video new features:
  1) to support the MIPI interface;
  2), support for RAW Sensor (RGB format);
  3), to support A31 built-in ISP function;
  4) support zero-delay camera;
  5), to support a full-size (5M, 8M, 12M) High-speed continuous shooting;
  6), support for external autofocus VCM module;
  2, the expansion of the Wi-Fi module supports range:
  1) to increase support for Broadcom AP6181, AP6210;
  2) to increase the the Realtek RTL8723au support;
  3, increased OTA functional specifications:
  The OTA can upgrade all the data on the partition; addition to the partition table can not be rewritten, all other data of the firmware package can be upgraded via OTA;
  Support low-power the edp conversion chip anx6345;
  5, support 3D video playback (red and blue);
  6, the support of the eMMC the program;
  Third, to further improve the stability of the system:
  1, upgrade the GPU driver, greatly enhance GPU performance and stability;
  improve standby wake switch Ethernet, web browsing and other issues;
  3, increased Nand drive bad block proportion adaptive enhance nand compatibility;
  4 improve the integrity of the data on / off;
  further improve HDMI playback function;
  6, the perfect setting options, overall strengthening of stability;
  7 support fastboot use, more convenient;
  8, support standby wake-up Internet access;
  9, further perfect video playback capabilities;

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  1. me parece que si todo eso es cierto tendríamos una tablet de 9.5 por lo menos, ya que mejora casi todos los problemas de la tablet .